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Make your rockfall protection smarter with Maccaferri’snew alert system device – ‘HELLOMAC’.


Hilly areas and mining areas are the most vulnerable towards rockfalland to keep them safe and secure, rockfall protection and mitigation are thekey solutions. Even small rockfalls or debris flows can blockinfrastructure and have enormous repercussions. Also, due to rockfalls,avalanches, or debris flows, buildings and other infrastructure are at risk ofdamage.

Well, not anymore. Aftera successful global launch, Maccaferri Environmental Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (MESPL), the Indian subsidiaryof the world-renowned Officine Maccaferri Group, has recently launched in Indiathe innovative and smart device – ‘HELLOMAC’, an alert system developed tomonitor rockfall protection. Ensuring safety, reliability and accuracy, thiseasy to install system provides real time protection against risks.

HELLOMAC is adisk-shaped alert system for safeguarding lives, infrastructures, and buildingsprotected by any kind of rockfall barriers and drapery systems. It is installedon the rockfall protection and sends timely alerts not only when a rockfallevent occurs but also on the status of the rockfall protection. These alerts can be receivedvia a mobile app, e-mail or SMS.

One of the major aspects of the product is that it works via satelliteand can be used in remote areas which have low or no network connectivity. Thefeatures and technology embedded in the device are well equipped which do notrequire any wiring or external power supply.

Tested at Politecnico di Milano, one of the prestigious universities inItaly, the product worksbetween -40°C and +60°C and is designedto operate in aggressive climates. HELLOMAC can be deployed on new rockfallprotection systems and is also suitable for retrofitting on existing ones. It requires very minimalmaintenance and can be easily installed by a rockfall worker.

Unlike traditional systems, HELLOMAC signals events on every singleportion of the rockfall protection,allowing the detecting system to be restored in a simpler and more economicalway.

“Rockfall is one of the inherent hazards for mountains and it isimportant to develop products and solutions that can mitigate these issues. Ourinnovative product ‘HELLOMAC’ helps in giving timely alerts on such rockfalloccurrences. We are looking forward to using this device in the Himalayan andother mountainous terrains where such mishaps occur very often,” says Abhishek Pathak, Headof Sales and Business Development for India and Nepal, at Maccaferri.

The company offers a completerange of rockfall protection. They focus to develop world-class products andoffer solutions which can be adapted to local situations with sustainabilityand minimum environmental impact at its core.


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