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From Trend to Triumph
Sustainable design takes centre stage in propertyvaluation, writes B K Malagi.

“As demand for sustainable living grows, theimpact of sustainable design on property value is expected to endure, making ita strategic investment choice for those navigating the evolving priorities ofthe real estate market.”

-  &nbs READ MORE.....
An attractive choice
Asphalt Shingles are a versatileand durable roofing solution that offer a wide range of benefits for homeowners and contractors alike, writes DharmendraDhari.


These granulesprovide additional protection against UV radiation, moisture, and impact damagewhile giving the shingles their characteristic colour and texture.”

A Global Powerhouse; An Indian Champion
The unwavering commitment to excellence merged with their diverse productrange and comprehensive service offerings makes Dingli India a trusted partnerfor businesses seeking safe, efficient, and reliable aerial solutions.


The Indian infrastructure sector is experiencing a period of phenomenalgrowth! From towering megacities to massive industrial complexes, co READ MORE.....
Nothing Beats an ACE
The Cranes marketin the country is growing at a rapid pace, with the government focussing on thedevelopment of infrastructure and manufacturing. ACE – Action ConstructionEquipment Ltd., the largest Mobile Crane manufacturer in India, and the world’slargest manufacturer of Pick‘N’Carry cranes offers some innovative equipment tocater to the growing demand from discerning customers, writes READ MORE.....
Designed for efficiency in operation, assembly, and transportation
SCHWING–XCMG cranes offer many features andbenefits that make them suitable for various construction and material handlingapplications.


Crawler cranes are heavy-duty cranes that moveon tracks and can lift and move heavy loads at various heights and distances.SCHWING–XCMG crawler cranes have a capacity range from 50 tonnes to 4,000 tonnes,and can handle variou READ MORE.....
The first choice
Every Telehandler from JCBincorporates the traditional JCB strengths of ruggedness, reliability,structural integrity, performance, visibility, and safety.

JCB has been manufacturingTelehandlers globally since 1977. It is, today, the world’s leadingmanufacturer of these machines. In India, JCB offers a range from 7.0 meters to20 meters Lift height.

With READ MORE.....
A ‘One Stop Solution’ provider
NB Equipmentand Engineering Pvt. Ltd. (NBEE/Company) was established in 2016 with a visionof being a ‘One Stop Solution’ to customers in the field of infrastructuredevelopment. The Company is the authorised distributor for Horyong Co. Ltd.,and Lingong Group Jinan Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. (LGMG).

HoryongCo. Ltd. is a leading South Korea-based company that manufact READ MORE.....
Crafted to excel
Soil compactors from CASE India are designed to meetindustry’s rigorous demands while consistently delivering exceptional results.

CASE952EX – Tandem Vibratory Compactor

The CASE 952EX soil compactor features aninventive Diesel Oxidation Catalyst (DOC) system, providing comprehensivepost-treatment to the machinery while delivering a potential f READ MORE.....
A machine designed to work harder, for longer

With the Volvo Double DrumCompactor DD90C, you can rely on a machine that delivers a high quality mat infewer passes.

A new generation asphaltcompactor from Volvo, the DD90C is built on the success of its predecessoralong with a host of upgrades. Utilizing decades of experience in the Indianmarket, the asphalt compactor is packed with productivity-enhancing feature READ MORE.....
The versatile performer
The DD100C Double DrumCompactor from Volvo is designed to deliver superior surface in less passes.

The DD100C is thenew-generation 10-tonne double drum compactor from Volvo. This versatilemachine is designed to deliver a superior surface in less passes, offering maximumprofitability across a wide range of applications.

With the DD100C, you can hityour  READ MORE.....
Compact it all
The SD110CD Volvo SingleDrum Compactors (11.1 t 74 kW) is designed to deliver maximum success andprofitability to your projects.


Get ready for the nextlevel in compaction performance with the SD110CD. This single drum compactorfrom Volvo offers the flexibility to adapt to any application. Optimized forproductivity, the SD110CD is designed to deliver maximum s READ MORE.....
An elite performer
The PT220C Volvo PneumaticTyre Roller (10.5-24.0 t 99.2 hp) is designed to deliver the highest levels ofquality and performance to compaction projects.

Featuring thefuel-efficient and reliable VECV engine, the PT220C from Volvo is a pneumatic rollerdesigned to deliver the highest levels of quality and performance to yourcompaction projects. Offering fast cycle time READ MORE.....
Designed for ease of installation
ONDULINETILE® offers a beautiful, new design inspired by traditional clay-tiled andtrendy metal tiled roofs. Thanks to a stylish 3D effect across its width, eachsheet looks like it is composed of four rows of coloured tiles. This very nicetile roof design immediately transforms any building look and makes itoutstanding from the rest of the roofs.

TheONDULINE TILE® is designed fo READ MORE.....
Up on the roof
Re-roofing is a sustainable solution torevitalize an aged roof into an environmentally conscious stronghold, writes Ajay Rattan.

“Materials boasting high reflectivity orinsulation properties aid in reducing heating and cooling demands. Consequently,prioritizing options such as solar roofing and eco-friendly materials emerge asjudicious choices.”

Where quality matters
Maris Polymers India may be aggressively pushingits products and systems in the country. However, proving to the world what their‘capabilities’ mean and providing solutions in a way no other company can isanother sense of joy, writes VihaChitrodaCOO, Maris Polymers India.

“Maris Polymers SA Greece offers a wide varietyof products. However, pr READ MORE.....
Revolutionizing industrial applications
Nitrogen generators are nowconsidered essential equipment in various sectors of the economy. Thesegenerators pave the way for a more productive, sustainable, and competitive futurein manufacturing and other industries, writes Bhushan Bokil.

“On-site generationremedies all these shortcomings. It can be achieved at a fraction of the costincurred when sourcing it from a ven READ MORE.....
Poised for sustained growth
The Indian HVAC market presents expansive opportunities for growth, attracting the interests of both local and international players, writes Kishor Patil.

“Technology innovations emerge as beacons of hope, particularly in automation and smart systems, which optimize processes and reducing dependence on manual labour.”

Redefining standards
With anillustrious legacy spanning nearly five decades, Mtandt has consistentlydelivered top-tier solutions to the construction and manufacturing industries,explains 

Rakesh Modi, Chairman, MtandtGroup.

Efficiency,safety, and sustainability are paramount in the dynamic construction landscape.At the forefront of this transform READ MORE.....
Limited by design...or, thinking?
Construction professionalsmust put on their six thinking hats when deciding which of the two mostdemanding materials in terms of energy required to produce them is to be usedto ensure a smaller carbon footprint.

The genuine initiatives aboutmigrating towards sustainable concrete building pre-casting is an excellentone, must face the inevitable burden of using two of the most dem READ MORE.....
Setting newer benchmarks, time and again
Thestory of Kirby India is an exploration of innovative solutions, groundbreakingprojects, and strategic partnerships that have propelled Kirby to the forefrontof the PEB industry.


Whatbegan as a manufacturing powerhouse of Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings (PEB) hastranscended into a holistic solution provider exemplifying Kirby India’scommitment to evolving wi READ MORE.....
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