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Water world!
Supreme Aqua source Smart RW Filtration system makes them suitable for residential, commercial, and industrial projects while adhering to CGWA guidelines.

Rain water Harvesting (RWH) is a topic of growing importance in today's world. With growing population, rapid urbanization, depleting groundwater resources, and fluctuating climate conditions, the need for active management o READ MORE.....
The Indian Steel Industry
Fromhere to where?

TheIndian Steel Industry is poised for a robust future, writes Pankaj Jain.

Somepersistent questions that occupy the minds of individuals in the steel industryinclude: Is the Indian Steel Industry poised for a transformative growth phase?What are the potential challenges and opportunities for the Indian SteelIndustry in the context of evol READ MORE.....
From cautious optimism to a year of redemption
While2023 is on course to becoming one of the best performing years in Indian RealEstate, 2024 is likely to be a year of redemption where real estate willreshape, restructure, and realign on a stronger domestic footing, writes Badal Yagnik.

“Withadequate inventory and uptick in ready to occupy property supply, theresidential market is likely to be evenly balanced between READ MORE.....
Make the invisible visible, in real time
Digital Twins is revolutionizing manufacturing processesand equipment, writes Rafiq Somani.

“As buildings and cities become more connectedand interdependent, the physics-based simulation of smart buildings leading todigital twins is the only way to deliver a cost-effective and sustainablefuture for the construction industry.”

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