It is often said that the progress of any nation can be gauged by the development of its Infrastructure. The importance of infrastructure for sustained economic development is already well-recognized in India. The country has made considerable progress since the turn of the century, attracting considerable investment into the construction and infrastructure sectors. Prudent financial management and a middle-path approach to development have shielded the country from global economic downturns.

It augurs well that a magazine captures this growth story as it unfolds. EPC&I strives to provide construction professionals with relevant information on their industry. The combination of insight and analysis from leaders in the industry, in-depth features and special reports makes EPC&I a much sought-after magazine. It features thought-provoking and well-researched articles written by the top and middle-management professionals associated with the industry. It features the engineering advances that Indian industry is making. Moreover, the magazine provides well-written case studies on projects and information on the latest equipment to hit the market.

With a clean, contemporary design, high quality printing and intelligent, incisive editorial, the pages of EPC&I are both attractive and accessible.