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FARO® IntroducesBuildIT 2021 Software Suite – simplifies workflows and enhancesease for Construction, Manufacturing, and Assembly.


FAROTechnologies, Inc. (FARO), a global leader for 3D measurement, imaging andrealization solutions, has announced the release of its most advanced BuildIT2021 software suite, which represents the next evolution of this platform thatsimplifies workflows, improves performance, and enhances ease of use.

BuildIT offersthree individual products:

  • BuildIT Metrology,

  • BuildIT Projector, and

  • BuildIT Construction.

Each product is designedto address the most challenging quality inspection, manufacturing, and assemblyor construction issues, offering the most flexible and intuitive userinterfaces in their respective applications. While the BuildIT 2021 suite isintegrated with FARO hardware products to ensure a best-in-class FARO solutionexperience, it also delivers high-quality outcomes for non-FARO hardwareproducts.

“The performanceenhancements in BuildIT 2021 Software Suite are substantial,” said Vito Marone,FARO Senior Director of Software Product Marketing. “For example, by using thissignificant upgrade of our BuildIT Construction software, users can completereports in five minutes or less – a process which used to take 10 minutes ormore.”

BuildITConstruction 2021 boasts a guided userinterface for concrete floor flatness analysis and an object-based analysis tosimplify reporting to all stakeholders, allowing for a quick and easycomparison of what was built versus the original design. Now, users can enhancetheir learning curve, uncover inconsistencies, and deliver complete reports onday one using the new guided workflow.

Withobject-based analysis, users can also verify a complete building level againstthe original file and uncover within minutes which elements onsite were placedbeyond tolerances – all while sharing this vital information with projectstakeholders in real time.

Other uniquevalue-add benefits include:

  • Comprehensive Tank AnalysisPackage: Determines and identifies critical issuesin the plant facility that supports faster modification and renovation.

  • Significant Reduction inOnsite Cycle Time: From laser scan projection datapreparation to 3D visualization.

  • Streamlines Raw Scan ImportProcess: Feature automatically detects targets and facilitates fasteralignment with the software.

  • Numerous Workflow EfficiencyImprovements: Includes file size reduction, faster rendering, and clipping boxfunctionality.

BuildITMetrology 2021 features upgrades related tofour key areas, including: user experience, probing, scanning, and automation:

  • Inspection annotations: Can now be defined prior to perform any measurement and, then,computed and populated dynamically as new measurements are added; dynamicannotations are supported for points, lines and curves, and surfaces.

  • FARO Laser TrackerImprovements: Integrates the latest SDK (software development kit) to provide a moreseamless Wi-Fi experience by handling disconnections and reconnectionsautomatically.

  • Improved GD&T (geometricdistancing and tolerancing): Runout and totalrunout tolerances are now supported with any DRF file extension that frees DoF(degrees of freedom) required for a proper evaluation of tolerances.

  • Faster alignment andanalyses: By trading a few microns in accuracy, the alignments and analysesgets a boost in speed between 10X to 100X.

  • Auto-complete and syntax highlighting: Are nowavailable in the process editor to streamline writing automated processes;tooltips can also be displayed for providing documentation on the go.

BuildITProjector 2021 comes complete with an enhanceduser interface and includes instant projection – a feature optimized for lowproduction environments and one-off workflows. With no planning needed, it isthe fastest way to go from importing the CAD model to projection. BuildITProjector 2021 also features the ability to:

  • Pick Alignment Points on theFly: The TracerSI lets you align directly to features on the part. Forthose workflows, all users have to do is pick an alignment point, coordinatefrom the CAD, aim the scanbox at it, scan, and accept if the contrast is goodenough.

  • Operator Gamepad Remote andMobile Remote: One gamepad remote can controlmultiple projectors, allowing the operator to spend more time assembling andless time walking back and forth from the computer station. Mobile remote hasseveral new features and contains all the controls needed to run an alignmentroutine.

  • Unparalleled Automation: These capabilities can now be leveraged as part of a projectionplan, as layers have a Layer Process property, which specifies which processshould be automatically launched when the operator reaches this layer.

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