Change the market before it changes you

KYB–Conmat has proven to become a trustedname for all its products. And, they have done this by listening to theircustomers and their needs, changing the products accordingly, the processes,customer’s expectations along with their mindsets, says Sailaj Verma, Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing,KYB-Conmat.


Whatis your outlook for the construction equipment sector in the country?

India's infrastructure sector is poised togrow significantly with the increasing demand for development of keyinfrastructure projects, such as roads and highways, rural connectivity, urbaninfrastructure including metro rail projects, ports and airports, industrialcorridors, smart city projects, etc. Investments and implementation of keyprojects are the concerns of the construction and construction equipmentindustry.

Several initiatives by the Government, suchas 100 smart city projects, urban infrastructure including metro rail projects,port development, the creation of an industrial corridor and a dedicatedfreight corridor, would boost the country's infrastructure development. So, fora growing economy like India, the infrastructure sector and constructionindustry will prosper in the long run.


Whatare the trends that are continuing driving the sales of Construction Equipment?

We have upgraded our products’ length andwidth along with the tint of Japanese technology that is utmost user–friendlyand demands minimum maintenance. Being economically feasible in nature, ourproducts are highly demanded for building cost-effective projects in humblebudgets across the globe. KYB–Conmat Pavers are the most versatile and can beadapted to various paving sequences like Single/Two/Three or Four multipurposepaving depending on canal cross sections. Secondly, Concrete Mixers are bestsuited for carrying and discharging low slump concrete with larger aggregates.

As far as the emergence for surge inConcrete built projects is concerned, KYB–Conmat is the pioneer for theTwin–Shaft Mixer Technology in India as Dams normally use bigger sizedaggregates and, hence, TSM is the ultimate solution to it. Be they projects forDams, Barrage, Spill Ways or Canal construction, KYB–Conmat has proven tobecome a trusted name for all its products.


Whichbold actions should you urgently take to propel change and stay ahead ofcompetition?

We believe the greatest challenge forcompanies today is not keeping up with their competitors, but with their own customers. Business used to be about getting customers to do what you wantedthem to do. But, customers don’t accept this anymore. They don’t like to betold what to do. They want relationships based on reciprocity, transparency andauthenticity.

We began this company with nothing morethan a pocket full of dreams and it still takes us by surprise to see how farwe have come. We want to drive the market – we don’t want to be driven by it! Ourguiding principle is: Change the market before it changes you. We have beenchanging the products, processes, customer’s expectations along with theirmindsets at an amazingly rapid pace. But, there are a few focus points whichwill never change, be it our commitment towards customers, or our passion fortechnology, our determination for quality and excellence, or our primaryconcern for the planet.


Wouldyou like to share with our readers the new products and services that you planto launch / showcase at EXCON 2019?

We are launching many new products thisyear, besides displaying the new generation Stationary Batching Plants, MobileBatching Plants, Road Paving Machines, Canal Paving Machines, Elevators,Concrete Pumps, Transit Mixers from 6 to 8 Cubic Meter capacity with PTO andslave Engine.


“We have been changing the products,processes, customer’s expectations along with their mindsets at an amazinglyrapid pace. But, there are a few focus points which will never change.”

  • Sailaj Verma, Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing,KYB-Conmat.

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