Skilling operators is a key differentiator for growth of CE

A formidable player in the ConstructionEquipment business in the country, Schwing Stetter has, over the years, set theagenda for future development. And, this year is no exception. V G Sakthikumar, Managing Director,Schwing Stetter India Private Limited, Member of governing council, ICEMA,Chairman of Mechanisation committee, Builders Association of India says thatthey will spend more time with their customers demonstrating their capabilitiesin digitization and automation.


Whatis your outlook for the construction equipment sector in the country?

The long term potential for theconstruction equipment industry is very bright. Therefore, revival is a keyfactor. India has got a lot to do on rural road connectivity and improvement ofroad quality in the rural area.

Across India, various states have differentlevels of road development, and if India has to have similar type of roadconnectivity across the country, it gives us a great opportunity for ruralroads and national highways through various projects announced, such as Bharatmala,Sagarmala, coastal roads, horizontal andvertical national highway corridors crisscrossing the country, etc.


Whatare the trends that are continuing to drive the sales of ConstructionEquipment?

Equipment customization, sustainable greenconstruction, a safe work environment through mechanisation, automation andIoT, fuel efficiency, operator training, varied applications and multiple useequipment are few of the trends that drive the construction equipment sales.


What,in your opinion, have been the stress points due to which CE performance hasbeen impacted, if at all?

Once we have issues sorted out, likeprogress of projects, payments, NBFC funding for equipment purchase and overallimprovement of sentiment on infrastructure industry, we expect our business tobecome normal like the previous years. Skilling operators is a keydifferentiator for growth of CE.


Arethere any initiatives that you are undertaking at your company towards hybridor electric equipment?

We realize the necessity for such technology requirement and we are working on this.


Wouldyou like to share with our readers the new products and services that you planto launch/showcase at EXCON 2019?

Weexpect EXCON to be the first step for the revival in the construction equipmentindustry after a slowdown. A whole range of newproducts will be launched at the Schwing Stetter India outdoor stall OD21 andOD 37 at Orange lot in 3344 sq meters space. We will be displaying most of ourequipment with smart technologies.

We realized that we need to spend more timewith the customers on the technology itself. We have booked for the very firsttime, a 12 sq.m indoor stall, AI 20 in Hall 4 to demonstrate our capabilitiesin digitization and automation. Incidentally, this hall is dedicated for Smarti–Tech – Next Gen India @ 75 theme being intelligent, internet, interconnected,innovation, and infrastructure.

Schwing Stetter India will be displaying 15new products at EXCON 2019, along with products from XCMG, GOMACO, USA andRubble Master HMH GmBH with a grand total of 52 products. The new products tobe displayed at the outdoor stall are:

  • Schwing concrete line pumpSPL1420.

  • Stetter concrete batching plant CP21.

  • Stetter self-loading mixer SLM bee 2.0.

  • Stetter self-loading tunnel mixer SPM4000.

  • Stetter concrete recyclingplant RA6.

  • Schwing light mast.

  • Gomaco concrete paver GP2600with IDBI.

  • Gomaco cylinder finisher SL450.

  • Rubble Master Crusher RM 70GO!2.0.

  • XCMG crawler crane XGC55 T.

  • XCMG excavator XE380 C.

  • XCMG motor grader GR1003.

  • XCMG truck crane XCT50.

  • XCMG truck crane XCT60.

  • XCMG truck crane XCT80.


    “Weexpect EXCON to be the first step for the revival in the construction equipmentindustry after a slowdown.”

  • V G Sakthikumar, Managing Director,Schwing Stetter India Private Limited.


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