JCB India has been focused on innovation and technologically-backed solutions

JCBIndia has been focused on innovation and technologically-backed solutions, andthis year shall be no different. JasmeetSingh, AVP, Corporate Communications and Corporate Relations, JCB IndiaLimited says that there is going to be a thrust in digital technologies andtheir integration into new products.


What is your outlook for theconstruction equipment sector in the country?

Asignificant financial outlay announced by the Government in the recent unionbudget is a major move in bringing the much-needed boost to the ConstructionEquipment industry. The recently announced budget has made it conspicuous thatthe government is putting a lot of thrust on creating a rural infrastructure. Thiswill boost demand for road equipment.

Roads andHighways will be a key growth driver for the Construction Equipment Industryand critical to fulfilling the $5.0-trillion economy dream of India. It focuseson rural economy as the major contributor in the foreseeable future, with ruralroads development projects being in the forefront.

Withimplementation of large-scale projects, including projects of nationalimportance, the road equipment industry is on a path to gain momentum. Further,new growth drivers, such as interlinking of canals, railways, mining, and realestate are going to push the sales and utilisation of road equipment.

The IndianConstruction Equipment industry is also fully embracing the convergence ofdigital and traditional technologies with JCB India, a leading manufacturer ofEarthmoving and Construction Equipment, pioneering the way.


What are the segments that are continuingto drive the sales of Construction Equipment?

Roads andHighways continue to be the key growth drivers for the Construction EquipmentIndustry. The Rural Economy will be the key demand driver for the next manyyears. As rural further integrates, we are hopeful of seeing more action interms of building infrastructure in this sector. The Pradhan Mantri Gram SadakYojna has been one such program.

Also, with afocus on water, Har Ghar Jal and Conservation projects, lakes and reservoirsare further expected to boost demand. With large-scale infrastructure projects,such as Sagarmala, Bharatmala, and Jal Marg Vikas in the pipeline together withGovernment’s rising focus on urban rejuvenation and Railways, the long-termtrajectory looks positive.


Which steps should you urgently take topropel change and stay ahead of the competition?

JCB India hasbeen focused on innovation and technologically-backed solutions, and willcontinue to work towards it, going forward. There is going to be a thrust indigital technologies and their integration into new products. We will continueto build on our ‘Intelli’ series along with our exciting new range oftechnologies and make investments in products, technology, and plants as we aimto provide advanced technology and world-class products to our customers.


Would you like to share with our readersthe new products and services that you plan to launch / showcase at EXCON 2019?

As always, JCB willpresent an exciting and innovative line up of machines at this year’s Excon. Wewill showcase class-leading product solutions which exhibit innovation indesign, performance, efficiency and safety including the integration of digitaltechnology in our products. 

The Theme of Exconthis time is Smart i-tech India@ 75. Showcasing our digital focus, we willcontinue to build on our ‘Intelli’ series along with our exciting new range oftechnologies in Excon 2019.

We will alsoshowcase the entire range of our world-class JCB products starting from thecompact range, such as Mini Excavator, Skid Steer Loader to mid-range machines,such as Backhoe Loaders, Telehandlers, Tracked Excavators, Compactors, SkidSteer Loaders and Wheel Loaders. All these products have been designed andengineered to cater to the changing needs and increasing demand acrossdifferent segments.

JCB will displayits range of Consumer Products, Parts and Product Support. Apart from this,visitors will get to experience world-class technology in action at our standin terms of Telematics and Internet of Things.


“The Theme ofExcon this time is Smart i-tech India@ 75. Showcasing our digital focus, wewill continue to build on our ‘Intelli’ series along with our exciting newrange of technologies in Excon 2019.”

  • Jasmeet Singh, AVP, Corporate Communicationsand Corporate Relations, JCB India Limited.

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