Matrix launches Aadhaar Enabled Biometric Device catering Attendance Applications of Government Organizations

Matrix, a leading manufacturer of physical Security and Telecom solutions, has announced the launch of its cutting edge Fingerprint and RFID Card based Aadhaar Enabled Time-Attendance Terminal - COSEC VEGA FAXQ. Matrix expands its Time-Attendance portfolio to meet the functional requirementsfor employee time tracking system of Governmentorganizations.

COSEC VEGA FAXQ is the first embedded Linux based Aadhaar enabled biometric device registered on AEBAS Server. This device offers unique advantages in terms of connectivity, technology, usage environment and ease of use. This device supports fingerprint as well as Mifare smart card as credential.
Designed for long term, uninterrupted performance with prudent blend of aesthetics, speed, connectivity, convenience and reliability, the device is a perfect fit for biometric time clocking system. It supports both Hindi as well as English language with auto selectable mode.

Due to its IP65 certification, COSEC VEGA FAXQ can work in extreme harsh environment and for outdoor applications. Along with wireless connectivity, this is the only device among the devices registered on AEBAS that supports wired connectivity.Hence, it can only be installed at critical areas where wireless connectivity is banned such as defense applications.

Award Winning Design: It is a well-engineered product with 3.5" touch screen display and multiple connectivity options in a compact design. This makes it ideal for any Time-Attendance application.

Versatile Reader:It supports three types of credentials - Fingerprint, RFID Card (MifareSmart) and PIN.

Convenience: It is convenient to enter Aadhaar number using smart card instead of typing it on the device keypad.

Dual Authentication Modes: It allows the user to enter Aadhaar number through keypad (PIN) or through Mifare smart card. Its authentication modes are PIN + FingerandMifare Smart Card + Finger.

Speed: Using smart card,it offers identification time of less than 1.5sec.

Wireless and Wired Connectivity:It offers multiple wired and wireless options to connect with the central AEBAS server in real-time using Ethernet, Wi-Fi, 3G/4G or RS485. Built-in PoE eliminates the need for local power supply and separate backup.

Ease of Use: With TFT LCD and intuitive user interface, it supports time clocking functions. It is simple to install and operate with multiple connectivity options and wall mounting.

For further information, please contact:
+91 93744 74302

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