Ready for the future

With over110 years of innovation and collaboration for better people flow, KONEElevators makes your building smarter, safer, and more convenient to use today,and in the future, writes Amit Gossain. 

Ourdigitally connected elevators will allow building owners to remotely control,activate, and deactivate specific services from a central dashboard. Services,such as dynamic display, acoustics, and lighting can be used to suitably modifythe ambience and interiors

  • Amit Gossain, Managing Director, KONEElevator India.


So, here’sa question: how can we make people flow smarter, smoother, safer and moreintuitive? We have asked this question over and over again, and we have come upwith some interesting realisations. Let us take a look at some behind-the-scenesthinking and some fantastic tech-led innovations that KONE is spearheading inthe mobility industry.

Ourbreak-through innovation – KONE DX Class Elevator, the world's first elevatorseries with built-in digital connectivity as standard – makes your buildingsmarter, safer, and more convenient to use today, and in the future.

KONE 24/7Connected Services, which are available on existing elevators as well, are nowin very high demand, as in the new normal, safe and uninterrupted elevatormovement is essential around any multi-story building. Regular equipmentmaintenance with intelligent, preventive maintenance can help minimize and eveneliminate equipment downtime.

The future of elevators

Takinginspiration from the automobile industry, we believe our elevators can become aplatform that allows customers to tailor services, such as music, customizedigital displays with local information or panoramic views via ‘virtual windows’,improve accessibility, and enable voice commands. Our digitally connectedelevators will allow building owners to remotely control, activate, anddeactivate specific services from a central dashboard. Services, such asdynamic display, acoustics, and lighting can be used to suitably modify theambience and interiors.


KONE DX Experiments – an invitation for ideas

In anincreasingly digitalized world, everything is connected. And, with the fastpace of innovation, it is hard to predict what is around the corner.

KONE DXClass elevators are ready for the future. Thanks to open APIs, our elevatorscan connect with almost anything. To prove it, we asked the general public totell us what they would connect to an elevator if there were no limits toconnectivity – with the promise to make the winning idea happen in real life.

This openedout the inspiring possibilities that limitless connectivity could bring tofuture spaces! We received over a 1000 astounding ideas and some of the winningideas will soon be implemented.


Collaboration with Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Thepartnership will provide KONE with global cloud capabilities, such as Internetof Things (IoT) and analytics. The companies will also innovate together todevelop new technologies that further strengthen the scalability andperformance of KONE's connected services and solutions.

Value-addedservices and connectivity can revolutionize the role of elevators and smartbuildings. Architects, developers and system integrators can offer new digitalservices that extend from the lobby throughout the building.

Forfacility managers and building owners, a key advantage is the ability to haveeasy, secure integration with existing systems, where services and apps can beused to create new experiences and improve people flow. For example, using theKONE Digital Platform, a hotel could create a personalized experience for theirguests, combining elevator lighting and streaming music, specific content onmedia screens inside the elevator, and integrated service robots to provideroom-service deliveries.

As well asthese advanced capabilities, using AWS means KONE can more quickly scale andtailor its services to meet its customers' needs, and provide uninterruptedservice across different regions and zones. An example of where this isimportant can be seen with KONE 24/7 Connected Services for preventivemaintenance, which needs to scale up as demand increases. The services useartificial intelligence to help KONE customers detect potential breakdownsbefore they occur, as well as help KONE technicians get the right information, atthe right time, so they can quickly diagnose and fix problems.


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